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3–4 years old

Master reading, social and communication skills

Children can learn four to six new words every day in an enriched learning environment and show significant improvement in pronunciation. At this stage, they begin to master some reading skills, understand the meaning of words according to the context and realise the relationship between letters and sounds. In addition, they can count up to 20, categorize objects, understand simple patterns and explain simple causal relationship.

When children start kindergarten, visit a new place and meet new people, they need to be equipped with better social and communication skills.  Reading storybooks related to social life can teach them basic manners and interpersonal skills. Role-playing games can be used to strengthen their memory. Parents may play counting, categorizing or patterning games with children using different items. For example, they may ask their children to count and categorize the animal cookies and create a pattern so as to develop their logical thinking. 

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