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Oxford Impact Study Report


In October 2018 Oxford University Press (OUP) commissioned a freelance researcher to conduct an impact study, aiming at investigating the perceived improvement of Oxford Path (Core Pack) on home- learning environment of young learners.


Due to the young age of young learners (aged 0-6), their parents/ caregivers were recruited to take part in the impact study. From late November 2018 to early January 2019, 150 parents of children who used Oxford Path (Core Pack) were invited to participate. A link to electronic survey (the questionnaire is in Chinese) were sent to the parents who has left their contacts to OUP. Parents who were interested in participating could access the questionnaire via the link and upload answers via the system.

Key Evaluation Findings

– This research demonstrates that parents / caregivers were generally positive towards OPCP.
– Participants who use OPCP as a daily habit for their children (less than 1 hour per week) found communication / interaction of English at home improved more significantly than those who did not use OPCP regularly.